The game's first adventure: Agua Sangrienta.

This 14-page, digest-sized adventure module is available for sale at RPGNow, featuring three pieces of original art by Eugene Jaworski.

Famous NPC: Deputy Escobar Manilla

Download the character sheet of Ciudad Promesa's cool-headed lawman, Deputy Manilla.

Official FAQ

1. Question: How much does ammunition cost?
Answer: Ammo costs were part of the initial playtest packet but were mistakenly omitted from the final draft. This information will be included in future printings of the game and can be found right here:

Most pistol and rifle rounds (.50, .44, et cetera) cost $3 for a box of 50. Minie balls cost $3 for 100. Shotgun shells cost $1 for a box of 20.
Gun belts cost $2, and holsters fetch $3. Sheaths for rifles cost $6, while sheaths for knifes are only $1 each.

2. Question: When the notes for certain weapons say "-10 on all range categories" or "+10 on all range categories," is that a plus/minus to hit or is it a deduction/addition to the effective ranges?
Answer: These are modifiers to a weapon's range, stated in yards, so a "-10 on all range categories" means "-10 YARDS on all range categories."

3. Question: Is there a Perception or Spot-type skill, and a Listen skill? There are traits of Acute Hearing and Acute Vision that give bonuses to rolls for spotting and listening, but what type of checks are made for these?
Answer: The game intentionally eschews skills that are actually one of the five senses going by a different name (e.g., Spot, Listen), leaving those checks up to the GM's judgement, based on the player's description of his or her character's action (this is a throwback to earlier RPGs that put the onus on the player rather than on a character's statistics). The GM could call for an Intelligence check in most of those situations. Acute Vision also modifies a character's visibilty range, as discussed on page 144.

4. Question: Can a character with a light wound make a Willpower check so the wound heal in three days, followed by a doctor's successful Medicine skill check to cut that down to a day and a half?
Answer: Yes.

5. Question: Do all wounds heal concurrently? If a character has a light wound and two medium wounds, do they all start healing at the same time?
Answer: Yes.

6. Question: If a character decides to move on count 1 of a combat round but also wants to fire a steady shot, does that mean he moves on count 1 and then his steady shot goes off on 4 (3 counts later)?
Answer: Yes.

7. Question: If a character is hiding behind cover and then wounded, and the wound location results in a hit to a body part that would logically be hidden behind that cover, what happens?
Answer: The GM modifies the wound location as he or she finds most appropriate (i.e., a character with his legs behind cover who takes a wound to the leg would then take this wound in the arm).

8. Question: The book lists two different penalties for serious wounds (-10 on page 51 and -20 on page 59). Which is correct?
Answer: Neither. The penalties for wounds are -5 for light, -10 for medium, and -15 for serious. This is an error that will be corrected in future printings of the book.