The Game

In PRINT THE LEGEND, players assume the role of characters in the year 1866, being guided through a series of scrapes, gunfights, and escapades by the gamemaster, or GM. The setting is historical; the action is not. It's up to you to tame the New Mexico Territory through any means necessary: driving cattle, defending homesteads, digging graves, robbing banks, catching outlaws, or making a stand against an Indian charge.

As part of a team of roleplayers, you'll take turns describing your character's actions, making skill checks, and facing the consequences of your actions. Your choices define you: will you waylay stagecoaches and lead a life of excitement and crime, or will you seek to bring those bandits to justice? The link below takes you to our store at RPGNow, where you can purchase the game in softcover or PDF.

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The Character Sheet

If you're ready to saddle up and ride, you'll need a place to record your character's details, skills, and quirks. Everyone is unique; everyone is capable of rewriting the legends of the West.

Follow the link below to download a PDF of the game's character sheet.

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The Map

The action of PRINT THE LEGEND takes place around the fictional town of Ciudad Promesa. The link below leads deeper into our site; like an explorer hunting riches in a forgotten turquoise mine, you'll find treasures within.

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Game Materials

You've found the motherlode: adventure hooks, new skills, flashy weapons, trail songs, NPCs, tall tales, campaign seeds, and villains. Follow the link below to stake your claim.